Xbox Game Pass Quests Have Undergone A Few Changes For March

The most recent batch of Xbox Game Pass Quests went live for March 2022 yesterday, and while the majority of them are the same as usual, there are a few notable changes you're going to want to be aware of.

Most importantly, the dailies have been shifted around a lot. The "Play a Game" Quest now only gives you 3 points per-day rather than 5 points, and the extra five for logging into the Xbox Game Pass mobile app has been removed entirely.

On paper, this might look like a bit of an annoyance, but it's counteracted by a few things. Firstly, as highlighted above, the requirements for the 1000-point "Quest Completionist" task have been made significantly easier, so you're not going to lose out there. All you need to do is "Play a Game" 22 out of 31 days in March and complete 12 weeklies.

Plus, Microsoft is running a variety of other Microsoft Rewards punch cards this month that will allow you to gain hundreds if not thousands more points by completing certain tasks. If you're part of the new Xbox mobile app trial for Microsoft Rewards as well, you could be making thousands of points every single week with ease.

A few changes, then, but you're still going to earn plenty of points this month no matter what. If you need extra help with Xbox Game Pass Quests, we've got a guide to help you complete the game-specific tasks elsewhere on Pure Xbox.

Have you noticed these changes to Xbox Game Pass Quests? Let us know down in the comments below.