The Internet Is Fur-Eaking Out About Those Sonic Xbox Controllers

The team at Xbox kind of broke the internet yesterday with the reveal of a stunning Sonic Xbox Series S alongside two furry Xbox controllers, and it's the latter that's been getting most of the attention due to their... unique design.

Seriously, there's been so much attention on these things over the past 24 hours, with lots of people taking to social media to give their opinions on them, both good and bad. There have been some hilarious reactions as well:

Based on what we can see on our end, the Sonic Xbox controllers were one of the most searched for Google terms in the gaming industry yesterday, so whether you like them or hate them, they're definitely causing a stir.

Unfortunately, you can't actually buy them (or the Series S). They're being given away as part of two enter–to-win sweepstakes, so your only way to actually get your hands on them is to get lucky... or create one like the guy did above!

What do you think of these Sonic Xbox controllers? Tell us down in the poll and comments below.

What Do You Think Of The Sonic Xbox Controllers?
What Do You Think Of The Sonic Xbox Series S?