Skate 3
Image: EA, Skate 3

While we've seen next to nothing on Skate 4 since its initial reveal almost two years ago, the wheels appear to be very much in motion. A new exputer report from Tom Henderson looks at the current state of Skate 4 development, noting that playtesting it well under way.

An Origin API (software code detailing the PC version) reveals that a Skate 4 playtest already exists, and that it won't transfer over to the main game. Presumably, that means save data/progress won't carry over to Skate 4 at launch, which makes sense, as playtests typically don't carry forward.

Curiously, the code simply refers to the game as "skate", with no number attached. This could just be an omission from the Origin code, or, it could mean that EA is considering this a reboot, rather than a traditional sequel.

Either way, it appears that development on Skate 4 is progressing nicely. During a recent GamesBeat podcast, industry insider Jeff Grubb said he got a "similar update" on Skate about a week ago. Last month, EA discussed the game too, Saying that Skate would be "launching soon", with a big focus on user-generated content.

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