Last week, Rare detailed its 2022 roadmap and what we can expect from season six. The headline addition to Sea Of Thieves' sixth season is Sea Forts, a new type of 'mini raid' intended for single teams. We now know exactly when the feature will arrive.

Season six kicks off March 10th, and you can expect Sea Forts to arrive then, alongside the rollout of other seasonal features. Those follow previous seasons, and will include a new plunder pass, emporium content, three new adventures, and a new 'mystery'.

SoT Roadmap.PNG

Some of that content will likely arrive throughout the season, as season seven won't arrive until June. We're curious to see how the new Sea Forts will integrate into the current SoT sphere, as raids intended for single teams sounds like an ideal way to earn plentiful treasure.

Will you be dipping in to Sea of Thieves during Season six? Let us know below.