Sea of Thieves just keeps on trucking, well... sailing, and we're now up to Season Six since Rare introduced seasons. This seasonal update makes the usual changes, but it also adds new raids in the form of 'Sea Forts'.

Rare is labelling Sea Forts as 'mini raids', an opportunity for crews to battle for treasures that hide deep within the forts. There are six of them spread across the map, and the developer says these are intended for solo crews, rather than multiple teams like the game's existing forts.

New pirate legend voyages are also arriving with season six, which Rare says are replayable, with fresh scenarios each time. The rest of season six is as expected, with you usual array of adventures, emporium content, plunder pass and more.

SoT Roadmap.PNG
Image: Rare, SoT 2022 roadmap

Elsewhere, developer Rare isn't letting up on Sea of Thieves development anytime soon. The team is advertising four new job posts, as the developer still has "ambitious plans" for the future of their pirate adventure.

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