Rumour: The Mandalorian Game Really Is Happening... Apparently
Image: Disney / Star Wars

Last April, a rumour surfaced that "someone" was reportedly developing a video game based on the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.

The source was Nick "Shpeshal_Nick" Baker - co-founder of XboxEra, who said he wasn't entirely sure who was actually working on the supposed game. Since then, we've heard nothing else about it and now - nearly a year later, the same podcaster and insider has shared a bit of an update during the "rumour mill" section of XboxEra's latest podcast.

In brief, he's apparently got "a whole bunch of info about The Mandalorian game" but has decided against going public with the information in an attempt to get "more confirmation of things" - such as who is making this game.

"I swear to you all, I'm going to do more digging about The Mandalorian stuff to find stuff that's it's more concrete, because it's true...right now, at least I'm currently right, there will be a Mandalorian game."

"I don't want to say all this other stuff unless I'm more sure about it."

So, there you go - according to the same source, The Mandalorian video game really is the real deal.

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