It feels like it's gone under the radar a bit (possibly because it's arriving on PlayStation Now at launch rather than Xbox Game Pass), but Shadow Warrior 3 is out today, and the first reviews began dropping for the game yesterday.

There are 41 reviews on Metacritic for the PC version alone right now, which averages out at a fairly good score of 72. We've picked out some of those reviews to highlight below, giving you a picture of what critics like and dislike:

Hardcore Gamer - (4/5)

"It may not be reinventing the wheel in any drastic means, but Shadow Warrior 3‘s warranted excess and lovably chaotic flow is one you’ll easily get lost in and perhaps never want to get out of."

God Is A Geek - (7.5/10)

"Shadow Warrior 3 delivers a riot of noise and colour with all the subtlety of a firework jammed in your nostril, but it does it with considerable style and confidence. It’s Serious Sam with more self awareness, Doom with a little less posturing. Traversal is fun and fluid, though not always as precise as it should be, but I’ll admit to losing my temper with a few boss fights and reducing the difficulty. This is a game I’d play as anathema to something like Elden Ring. Shadow Warrior 3 is at its best when used as a cathartic power fantasy."

IGN - (7/10)

"Shadow Warrior 3 provides some good old-fashioned FPS action, even if it isn’t doing anything particularly special within the genre. Its forgettable story gets almost entirely out of the way of its blisteringly fast combat, chock full of enemies that are fun to shoot up through largely familiar methods. It doesn’t take many risks to help it stand out, but Shadow Warrior 3's quick campaign is still a gory and enjoyable gauntlet while it lasts."

Attack of the Fanboy - (3.5/5)

"The game has some genuinely great ideas, but it is hampered by a handful of pronounced technical issues and a general lack of replayability. I would thoroughly enjoy more Shadow Warrior games in this formula if Flying Wild Hog fixes the pressing issues I encountered, though, as it shows promise."

We Got This Covered - (3/5)

"Overall, there might be an audience here, but it’s narrow on the Venn diagram of “old enough to appreciate or put up with the writing” and “hasn’t played a better shooter recently.” Shadow Warrior 3 is antiquated in ways that I found charming, but lampshading crappy design decisions with bad humor isn’t enough to make me look the other way every time. But hey, it’s fun to shoot demons, and the game looks and runs great, so if you’ve got a hankering for that sort of thing and are sick to death of every other option, who am I to bring you down."

PC Gamer - (52/100)

"Shadow Warrior 3 is a fast-paced FPS for adult-aged children. It's designed for those who'd enjoy playing as East Asian caricature and human dick joke Lo Wang, whose main character trait is that he sucks... It's best experienced with dialog volume set to zero and subtitles turned off. It isn’t malicious. It’s tasteless. It’s embarrassing, because it expects that you’re the kind of person who’d enjoy it. Just play Doom 2016 instead."

As you can see, there are definitely some mixed opinions here! If you want to grab Shadow Warrior 3 today, it's available digitally on the Microsoft Store for £41.74 / $49.99, and it's also optimised for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Will you be picking up Shadow Warrior 3 on Xbox this week? Let us know in the comments.

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