PlayStation Is Going Down The Xbox Game Pass Route With Shadow Warrior 3

Some interesting news coming out of the Sony camp today, as it's been announced that the upcoming release of Shadow Warrior 3 on Tuesday, March 1st will be launching day one with the PlayStation Now service.

It's not the very first game to launch into PlayStation Now, but it's arguably the most notable so far, and it follows a year of Microsoft doing the same thing with a whole heap of games in 2021 for Xbox Game Pass.

If you're not familiar with PlayStation Now, it's basically Sony's answer to Game Pass with a focus on streaming games via the cloud, although you can also download hundreds of them to your console as well.

It's been reported that Sony is creating a new Xbox Game Pass competitor set to launch in Spring 2022, so adding something like Shadow Warrior 3 to PS Now might just be an interim thing ahead of the game eventually transitioning to the new service. That's assuming the details in the original report were correct, of course.

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