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We've heard for a good while about PlayStation competing with Xbox Game Pass. The thing is, they've just never done it. While PS Plus and PS Now offer good value, neither can top Game Pass. It looks like Sony wants to change that narrative.

A new Bloomberg report details a little more about Sony's so-called 'Spartacus' service; the company's answer to Xbox Game Pass. The multi-tiered subscription, which reportedly combines elements of PS Plus and PS Now, could be revealed "as early as next week".

Documents obtained by Bloomberg last year showed that the most expensive tier will grant players the ability to play extended game demos. It'll also offer a streaming element, much like Xbox Cloud Gaming, it's reported.

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Where the service may trip up though, is in its first party offerings, or lack thereof. According to the report, Sony still isn't planning to launch its PlayStation Studios' titles into the service on day one, which ultimately gives Microsoft the win on that front.

Are you interested in this PlayStation service? Or will you be sticking to just Game Pass? Let us know below.