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By now, we all know about the sheer scope of the Xbox Game Pass library, but what about its quality? At GDC 2022, Microsoft discussed the success of Game Pass, and how the service has delivered a lot of critically acclaimed games.

Content planning director at Microsoft, Joyce Lin, shared that the library has brought us over 60 Game of the Year winners since its launch in 2017, an impressive number in just five years.

From the beginning, we've focused on delivering a really high-quality library of games. So, I personally love this stat which is that since launch, Game Pass has launched over 60 Game of the Year winners from over 30 awards, and this is across first party and third party.

So, yeah, the library stands up to scrutiny in terms of quality, not just quantity. Here's the clip in question, which looks at just how valuable Xbox Game Pass is overall:

Even with this favourable look at Game Pass, Microsoft is committed to all sorts of business models on Xbox. Basically, physical and digital game sales are still hugely important at Xbox and are still a massive part of the business.

How many Game Pass games would you consider GOTY contenders? What are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments.