New Xbox Feature Will Allow You To Turn Off System Sounds

The team at Microsoft has revealed an upcoming quality-of-life feature for the Xbox dashboard, which will allow you to turn off certain sound effects when browsing the various menus, enabled via the Accessibility tab in Settings.

It's not live just yet, but it was included as part of the Xbox Insider Release Notes for the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring yesterday, with a note that although you can find it on your console, it is currently non-functional and will be enabled in the future.

"You can now choose to turn off sound effects that accompany actions such as pressing buttons and navigating the Dashboard, as well as notification popups. This new setting appears in both General > Volume & audio output > Additional options, or Accessibility > Audio.

Note: While the feature will appear in Settings it is currently non-functional and will not disable audio. It will be enabled with a future update."

In a follow-up post, Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie told fans on Twitter that the team kind of "blew the surprise" by revealing the feature before it was even live, with a promise that it "will be working very soon".

It's a nice little addition to the Accessibility menu, and definitely could come in handy for plenty of us.

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