Lost Ark Xbox

Last month, when Lost Ark finally made its way over to PC in the west, we looked at whether an Xbox port could come one day. Sadly, at the time, it seemed unlikely as PC was the sole focus for developer Smilegate, and Amazon Games. However, a new interview now gives us a little more hope.

Franchise leader at Amazon Games, Soomin Park, recently spoke to VG24/7 about Smilegate's huge MMORPG. Snuck in there was a little hint at an Xbox version of Lost Ark, and how likely that console port is.

If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then I think it’s something both parties would consider!

Basically, we all need to make a big song and dance about Lost Ark on Xbox for Amazon Games to look at bringing it over. We're here doing our best, OK?!

If the publisher looks at its PC numbers to judge whether a console port is worth it, we might actually get an Xbox version! The game has almost 150k reviews on Steam alone in the past six weeks or so, and mostly positive ones at that.

We're not holding our breath just yet, but that illusive console port does seem more likely that it did last month. Only time will tell!

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[source vg247.com]