Leaker Finds Mysterious New Xbox App On The Microsoft Store

We've shared news from the Twitter account Aggiornamenti Lumia on many occasions in the past, as they're a well-known Microsoft Store leaker with a great track record, and they recently shared an interesting new discovery.

Basically, they've found a new Xbox app hidden away on the Microsoft Store described as "unnamed project". It seems it isn't actually that "secret" based on their comments, but it's unknown what the purpose of the app will be:

As you can imagine, everyone's been giving their opinion on Twitter about what they think the app might be for, with some suggesting it could be Game DVR related. Aggiornamenti Lumia has advised it has "no idea" right now.

So, who knows! It's fun to speculate though, so let us know what you think the app will turn out to be...

Any guesses? Tell us in the comments!