Hitman3 Agent

Developer IO Interactive continues to build on Hitman 3, after a content-packed year one. The game's second year of updates is getting off to a solid start, with new contracts, Elusive Target modes and more. Oh, and it's now all on Xbox Game Pass!

The Hitman Trilogy arrived on Xbox Game Pass earlier this year, meaning Hitman 3 updates are now a big bonus for Game Pass players. Here's the full rundown of what's coming in March, as the developer lays out its monthly roadmap.

First up, the next Elusive Target has been detailed, and we're headed back to Dartmoor for this one. Things kick off on March 11th, and you'll have 10 days to take down a mad art collector who feels the need to kill the previous owner of any artwork he acquires. Bit weird.

There's a couple of new weapon variants up for grabs in March too. You'll have to complete one of three new Arcade Contracts for Elusive Target Arcade, to get your hands on the Sieger AR552 Tactical. Then, later in March, three more contracts will drop, with the chance to earn the HWK21 Covert pistol.

HITMAN3 Y2 March

It doesn't look like Hitman 3 is slowing down anytime soon then, with developer IO continuing to add content well into its second year. For all the changes coming in March, check out the Hitman 3 website.

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