Gran Turismo 7 Drama Leads To 'Always-Online' Xbox And PlayStation Debate

If you've been keeping up with the goings on over at Push Square recently, you'll know that Gran Turismo 7 has been suffering some major launch issues, with the game's servers going down for over 24 hours on PS4 and PS5.

Gran Turismo 7 requires an internet connection in order to save gameplay progress, so that means the majority of the game was rendered unplayable during that time, which conjured up plenty of drama on social media in particular.

Now that the issues have been resolved, the debate has evolved to include Xbox as well. The Verge's Tom Warren drew a lot of attention with his Twitter post explaining that GT7 "highlights a problem with modern games", pointing out that Xbox also has an issue with sometimes requiring an internet connection even when using the disc.

This is definitely not the first time we've heard this — in fact, debates about online requirements on Xbox have been going on for a very long time, and have resurfaced in a different way over the past year-or-so with the reveal that Smart Delivery discs on Xbox tend to contain the Xbox One version, so you sometimes have to download the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S version all over again... even if you bought the game physically.

Warren went on to state that issues like this, and online requirements in games, are becoming "the new norm":

"Not enough people have been taking notice about DRM and online requirements in games. As modern games get more complex, outages are the new norm. Even for what we thought of as 'single player' games."

You may recall that Xbox actually responded to some of these types of concerns all the way back in May of 2021, with a developer by the name of OscarK explaining that some of the DRM issues on Xbox were caused by "generic and unclear error messaging" in certain cases, and the problem with Smart Delivery on discs would eventually disappear after the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions became the preferred choice to press on disc.

Back to Gran Turismo 7 though, and Xbox doesn't really suffer the same problems as the outages we've seen on PlayStation's end here. The game's biggest competitor, Forza Horizon 5, is still totally playable offline if the servers go down, so Microsoft definitely has an advantage in that category. That said, both companies are conjuring up plenty of discussion about "always-online" games and features, and both clearly still have some work to do in different ways.

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