Forza 7 GT7

It's only launch day for PlayStation's Gran Turismo 7, but the comparisons to Forza are already here. We'll skip over the discussion on Forza Horizon 5, because frankly, it's a completely different beast. However, the comparisons to Forza Motorsport 7 are quite interesting.

A clip is doing the rounds that compares some stormy wet weather racing, across FM7 and GT7. Clearly, both games are going for a different style, but they're comparable nonetheless.

We have to admit, Forza 7 is looking pretty impressive, even up against GT7. Remember, Forza 7 is almost five years old, and its target platform was the much-less powerful Xbox One X. Here's another clip:

However, we've also seen Gran Turismo 7 in action and it looks absolutely stunning. Both games are a feast for the eyes, and we recommend giving FM7 a go if you're looking for a great GT alternative on Xbox.

One thing's for sure here; we're really looking forward to that Forza Motorsport reboot now...

Which of the two games do you think looks better? Let us know in the comments.