Dead Space
Image: Motive / Electronic Arts

Update [Sat 12th Mar, 2022 04:30 GMT]: During the latest live stream, the Dead Space Remake team said they were targeting an early 2023 release.

The game's senior producer, Philippe Duncharme, reassured fans by stating how the game would likely be playable from start to finish in just a couple of weeks, and from there the team would be in a position to polish things up and do a "proper debug" (via PC Gamer).

Original story [Tue 8th Mar, 2022 06:30 GMT]: In case you missed it, EA last year announced a remake of its sci-fi horror game, Dead Space. If you have been excited about its reveal, then read on.

Another live stream (taking place on 12th March) is happening this week - with Motive Studios ready to share more. There's a new clip as well (below), which is also apparently teasing something.

"Motive invites you to the latest in their series of early looks at development and what goes into the remake of a game. Subscribe and keep notifications on to be the first to hear details about our upcoming Dead Space Remake Developer Livestream."

According to the original announcement, the game will include an "improved story, characters, gameplay mechanics and more". We also know the protagonist of the game, Isaac, will once again be voiced by Gunner Wright.

You can see your local time and date for this upcoming live stream over on YouTube.

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