Bethesda has just released another Starfield ViDoc, where Todd and the team tease a little bit more about Starfield's world. This time, player companions are discussed, along with the game's factions, story mechanics, and the journey we'll all go on come November 2022.

First up, companions return and the first one is shown off in this video clip. It's a robot of some kind, and Bethesda says companions in Starfield will react to your decisions and even ask the player questions, depending on the scenario.


Then, the team begins to discuss its new persuasion mechanic, which sounds like a major feature for Starfield. Oblivion's version of the mechanic is mentioned and even spoken of as a starting point, from which Bethesda has built its new "persuasion mini-game". You'll have to weigh up the risks and rewards of every outcome as you navigate NPC conversations in Starfield.

Todd Howard says the mechanic feels much more natural this time around, alluding to Starfield's 'persuasions' feeling like a real-life conversation.

It feels like you're having a conversation where you're actually trying to persuade somebody of something. I think it's, as far as new systems in dialogue, I think it's definitely one of the most successful ones we've had.

The game's factions are also touched on, and how you can disobey orders if their goals don't quite align with your own. These ViDocs feel like a lovely way to sit down with the team and find out more about Starfield. However, we're pretty desperate for gameplay at this point. Hopefully that comes real soon... E3 perhaps?

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