Todd Howard
Image: Bethesda

Bethesda is gearing up for the release of its highly anticipated Xbox Series X|S and PC title Starfield in 2022.

As part of this, company legend Todd Howard has shared a special holiday message to all of the members of Constellation (it's a Starfield reference). At the same time, he's also used it as an opportunity to provide a progress update on the development.

Apparently, it's going well and the team can't wait to show it to fans next year:

"We want to thank you for becoming part of Constellation, the team has made such great progress on Starfield this year, we can't wait to show it to you next year."

Just yesterday, Bethesda also gave us a look at a new lush and green environment that players could expect to discover in the game:

Starfield is currently planned for a 11th November 2022 release and will take players on a journey through space as they strive to answer's humanity's greatest mystery.

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