Xbox Captain America Controller

Xbox is always creating all sorts of weird and wonderful accessories, from woolly headsets fit for Canadian winters to furry, Sonic-themed hardware. Every now and then, they team up with Razer to create themed controllers and this time, that theme is Captain America.

This latest Xbox-Razer combo is a real beauty, featuring an all-American design based on the superhero's famous armour. Oh, and there's a matching stand to go with it, much like past Xbox-Razer collaborations.

This is an official Xbox Series X|S controller under the hood, which means it's fully wireless and compatible across all Xbox consoles and PC. It also features textured grips on the rear, like most Xbox pads these days.

The stand doubles up as a charge dock for the controller, with a quick-charge connection point that claims it'll only take 3 hours for a full charge. Not bad!

Captain America Xbox Controller And Charging Stand Hero Desktop V2

What may be tough to swallow is the price of the thing. It'll be $180, just like last year's Darth Vader controller, which was also a beautiful sight to behold.

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