We've just seen the release of the excellent WWE 2K22, but we know that many wrestling fans are also excited for the launch of the AEW console game, which doesn't have a date as of yet, but has revealed snippets of gameplay.

No new footage to share today, but courtesy of Fightful on Patreon, we do have a few new details about what to expect from it. According to the report, the AEW game will feature a story mode with input from the wrestlers themselves in regards to the storylines, and some of the development team at Yukes who worked on the old WWE SmackDown! Vs Raw games are involved in the whole process, so hopefully it'll turn out to be great.

Meanwhile, AEW's music producer Mikey Rukus says that some of the story mode's music had a deadline set before the recent AEW pay-per-view event, Revolution, and we know from fan reports that AEW has been recording crowd chants for the game at live events recently, including cheers and boos for lots of different wrestlers.

The report also mentions that new AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa will be in the game and has been shown her prototype, while the game's overseer Kenny Omega is determined for it to be a success and understands its importance in terms of having a great showing.

There's no date or announced platforms for the AEW game as of yet, but we know it'll be coming to "consoles", so hopefully that means Xbox as well. WWE 2K22 is great, but let's see if the AEW game can go one step further.

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[source patreon.com, via wrestlinginc.com]