Hellblade 2 Is Planned To Be At The Game Awards.large

It seems we weren't the only ones amazed by Hellblade 2's latest gameplay trailer! Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg recently spoke with Xbox fans at an event in South America, where he touched on a recent Hellblade 2 trailer.

In short, Greenberg was that impressed he thought it was a cutscene. When he brought that up to developer Ninja Theory, they were quick to shoot him down. "No, look, I'm moving Senua myself".

We can certainly see where Greenberg was coming from. Hellblade 2 looked super cinematic in its Game Awards showing late last year, and we too were surprised that it was all real gameplay.

Rest assured then, Ninja Theory is delivering the goods with Hellblade 2. We're not sure when the game will be ready, but we're hugely excited for it all the same.

Did you think the Hellblade 2 trailer was a cutscene? Let us know your thoughts on it below.

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