Xbox Series X|S Version Of Apex Legends Could Be Coming Real Soon

Apex Legends has been playable on Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility since the systems launched. However, developer Respawn has repeatedly expressed its intention to create a proper next-gen port. Well, it seems like that port grows ever closer.

In a recent preview event for Apex's 'Defiance' update, the developer once again touched on its next-gen plans. Respawn spoke to press about the game's new legend, Mad Maggie, along with when it expects the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of Apex Legends to release.

While there's not a date just yet, it should be coming real soon, given the port was originally planned for 2021. Hopefully it'll bring all the features we're expecting, like 120fps support, FOV options and maybe even the option to play with mouse and keyboard.

Will you dive back into Apex Legends once the Xbox Series X|S version launches? Let us know below.