Xbox's 'Monopolisation' Strategy Is Bad For The Games Industry, Says TV Host
Image: Image by Klobrille on Twitter -- click the link to check out his work!

Oh boy, here we go. American TV host and comedian Adam Conover has been going a bit viral overnight due to his thoughts on Microsoft's "monopolisation" of the games industry, claiming that's he's worried about the future.

In a video posted to Twitter and TikTok, Conover explained that he felt Microsoft's "massive cash advantage" meant the company could adopt the "Amazon strategy" of selling games at a loss by putting them all on Xbox Game Pass and "wiping out the competition" in the process. He called out PlayStation in particular as being in trouble.

You can watch the full video below — be warned that it contains some swearing:

If you'd rather we summarised the key part of the video rather than watching it all, here's what he had to say:

"Microsoft is able to lose money indefinitely. So indefinitely, that they can sell the damn console and Game Pass for just 25 dollars a month. Now that's an amazing deal, but it's one of those deals that we might later say, ooh — that deal was a little too good to be true, because it could mean that Microsoft wipes out all the competition in the video game space, and then is able to jack the prices up on us, and also, make games that are a lot worse.

"And let's not forget that all this consolidation naturally is going to lead to layoffs and worse conditions for workers. Microsoft isn't trying to be 'the Netflix of Games', they're trying to be the Amazon of games, they want to use their massive cash advantage to undercut and dominate the entire game industry. That is bad for video game makers and video game players, and as someone who loves video games, I'm worried."

As you can imagine, Conover's strong thoughts have resulted in a variety of responses, some of which have taken his side on the matter, and others who have acknowledged his points, but identified some flaws:

"There are reasons to be concerned about subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, but the basic idea that Microsoft doesn’t need to worry about being profitable with its gaming business is [confusing]..."

"Adam basically said Xbox is a monopoly and you should be scared! Before saying that Nintendo is fine. Didn't mention Tencent who will be fine. Amazon games will be fine. But Sony who's been breaking records for several years is 'f**ked'."

"Sometimes I think we try too hard to find something wrong. Do I think Microsoft is secretly looking to undercut and drive the competition out of business? Nope. Do I think they are pushing Game Pass to be their primary way of delivering content across multiple platforms? Yup."

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