It might have been a little bit of a slow end to February for Xbox Game Pass, but one of the games that shouldn't be overlooked if you're a sports fan is Super Mega Baseball 3, which arrived as part of EA Play.

Whether you're a baseball fan or not, SMB3 is a great way to enjoy the sport on a basic or more complex level, as it strikes a really nice balance between an arcade and simulation style, both in terms of its gameplay and presentation.

If you're wondering why Super Mega Baseball 3 is included with EA Play, it's because developer Metalhead Software was actually acquired by EA back in May of last year, which means the studio will tackle "bigger projects" in the future.

Don't forget that MLB The Show 22 is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one this April as well, but if you're intimidated by that series or you just want something a little more casual, Super Mega Baseball 3 is possibly the way to go.

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