As you may have seen, the first reviews for EA's GRID Legends dropped earlier today (including here at Pure Xbox), giving everyone some impressions of whether Codemasters' latest project is worth picking up for full price at launch.

And, well... it's hard to say. The reviews are pretty good for the most part, with the game sporting a Metacritic rating of 74 based on 8 reviews for Xbox Series X, and 77 based on 8 reviews for PlayStation 5.

Here's a selection of opinions we've found across the web:

God Is A Geek - (8.5/10)

"GRID Legends is a wonderful racer that dials down the simulation elements of other racers, making it accessible to everyone. It features a fair amount of modes and some stunning visuals, as well as a wide range of cars to choose from."

GamesRadar - (4/5)

"While there are a few bumps in the road, they're easy to forgive. There's not a single bad track in the mix of real and fictional routes... Throw in cars that are as pleasing to drive as they are varied, and you've got a nice little runner."

Pure Xbox - (7/10)

"Overall, GRID Legends feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. Its on-track racing is really good fun, and with the right AI and event tweaks, and a little more content, it'd be a really solid sequel to GRID 2019."

Push Square - (7/10)

"GRID Legends is a solid new entry in Codemasters’ racing franchise. It features the same excellent gameplay you’ve come to expect from the developer, with some nice adaptive trigger implementation in the PS5’s DualSense. The game’s main draw — the Story Mode — falls short of providing a compelling narrative, ultimately amounting to a mere distracting backdrop to the true star of the show: the races."

Video Games Chronicle - (3/5)

"Grid Legends doesn't do anything particularly wrong, but doesn't do anything particularly interesting either. Its racing gameplay is typically solid, as is the Codemasters way, but this studio has pushed the limits of the genre far higher in the past than it does with this relatively safe offering."

It's a good game, then, but some of us feel like it perhaps could have innovated even further. If you want to try GRID Legends for yourself, don't forget that a free 10-hour trial is included as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Will you be taking to the start line with GRID Legends this weekend? Let us know in the comments.