Grid Legends

Grid Legends is out later this week, February 25th, and as the series is now under the EA banner, a free trial is available this time out. If you're an EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can now go hands on with 10 hours of Grid Legends before launch.

How To Find The Grid Legends Free Trial On Xbox

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store app on your Xbox
  2. Search for 'Grid Legends'
  3. Find the standard version for your console and select it
  4. Slightly further down, you should see an option for 'Free Trial'
  5. Select this, and the download will start

As Grid Legends takes advantage of Smart Delivery, you'll only be able to play the specific version for your console. Sadly, that means no extra 10 hours by trialling both the last gen and next gen versions.

To make sure you get the most out of your trial though, always fully quit the game when not playing. The 10-hour limit counts down whenever the game is running, and that time will will drain if you suspend it or leave it running in the background.

Will you be giving Grid Legends a go using this Game Pass trial? Let us know below.