CrossfireX launched on Xbox and Game Pass last week, and while plenty of impressions have been reported across the web so far (including our own of the campaign), the reviews with final scores have taken a lot longer to surface.

Low and behold though, we do now have some review scores to share, and... they're not great. The game currently holds a 43 rating on Metacritic (with a user score of 2.8), and you can see what the critics had to say in the roundup below:

COGconnected - 60/100

"Overall, it’s just hard to recall a less ambitious multiplayer shooter than CrossfireX. Its generic single player campaign fares much better than its multiplayer, which is simply lacking in everything we’ve come to expect from the genre. Smilegate’s previous shooters have obviously connected with millions in the Asian market, but it’s hard to imagine CrossfireX igniting anything near that kind of enthusiasm in the very competitive multiplayer scene."

ScreenRant - 2.5/5

"CrossfireX is fun to play casually, but it just doesn't measure up to modern FPS standards. The campaign stories are bland and aside from searching for a few collectibles, each mission is pretty much the same as the last one. Completing a few multiplayer matches can still be entertaining in CrossfireX, but it gets old quickly, and there isn't much of a difference between guns. Without the incentive to get new weapons, the Battle Pass and customization options aren't worth buying into, and the loadout doesn't really matter."

Windows Central - 2/5

"CrossfireX is the inevitable conclusion after months of sporadic communication, mystery-laden delays, and an eventual launch that arrived before anybody could review its merits. It meanders near the edge of "disastrous," but barely manages to salvage itself thanks to its decidedly average campaign and the allure of CS:GO-like multiplayer on Xbox consoles. CrossfireX is burdened by a myriad of flaws, ranging from the generic and poorly written narrative to fundamental flaws in the movement and aiming controls."

God Is A Geek - 4/10

"CrossfireX is a below-average game, all things considered. It feels about ten years late to the party, despite Remedy’s best efforts to make the campaign offerings in any way engaging. I was waiting for a flash of brilliance, even a brief moment of excitement to burst through the murky fog of mediocrity, but it never came. Perhaps the best thing about the campaigns is that they’re both mercifully short."

IGN (Campaign Review) - 3/10

"CrossfireX’s pair of campaigns are untidy, generic slogs with all the excitement and flavor of a communion wafer. Alarmingly little of Remedy’s signature weirdness and creativity is displayed, leaving me to wonder why this usually distinctively strange studio was chosen for such a by-the-numbers project at all.

There were some interesting ideas along the way where story is concerned and I fleetingly thought we might get an eccentric tale the likes of Control or Alan Wake, but those hopes were quickly dashed when both campaigns ended without even a cursory twist. Whether it’s the bland characters, braindead enemy AI, forgettable levels, or downright offensive controls for the gunplay, everything about these brief campaigns feels phoned in."

Ouch! It's really not been a good start at all for CrossfireX, which even led to the game's Executive Producer apologising for the state of the game at launch. Hopefully, Smilegate can find a way to turn its fortunes around ASAP.

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