Pubg Nfts

PUBG may have finally opted to go free-to-play last month, but not all things come for nothing. Publisher Krafton has revealed that PUBG developer Bluehole will "collaborate to create and sell NFT avatars" in the future. Yep, another one takes the plunge.

The announcement comes with the usual 'metaverse' justification, where such avatars will apparently come in handy, one day that is. For now, the publisher has only signed a 'memorandum of understanding' to develop NFTs, so the wheels aren't fully in motion just yet.

We're not entirely sure how PUBG NFTs will take shape, but that isn't stopping Krafton from trying. CH Kim, CEO of Krafton, said this on the matter:

KRAFTON has a rich history of developing proprietary technologies, which are part of the foundation of our NFT and metaverse development [...] we’re confident we can combine our research and our partner’s expertise to offer new experiences that global users will find fun and engaging.

Last month, indie publisher Team17 announced its intentions to get into the NFT game. Those intentions didn't last long though, as the publisher backed off when some of its partnered studios spoke out against the controversial trend.

Will this NFT project go ahead, or will it be the next to fall? Let us know your thoughts below.