NFTs are probably the biggest gaming controversy since loot boxes took over multiplayer games a few years ago. They've started to creep into games over the last few months, with one of the biggest players being Ubisoft. However, not everyone wants in on NFTs.

It seems that, after huge backlash from communities over pretty much any gaming NFT crossover, developers are starting to plant their flags firmly in the no-NFT camp.

Overcooked developer Ghost Town Games seems to have got the ball rolling, by posting a message earlier today on Twitter. Basically, the team wants absolutely nothing to do with NFTs now, or in the future.

Shortly afterwards, Yooka-Laylee developer Playtonic also took to Twitter to say much the same thing. The team has no interest in using NFTs in its games.

It'll be interesting to see who's next on committing to never using NFTs in games. We suspect that people will want to see some AAA developers come out and say these kinds of things too, although most major publishers will probably put a stop to that.

Do you think gaming NFTs will grow, or fizzle out? Let us know in the comments.