PlayStation Is Reportedly Creating An Xbox Game Pass Competitor, Set To Arrive Spring 2022

We've got huge news coming out of the PlayStation camp today, as Bloomberg is reporting that Sony is creating an Xbox Game Pass competitor that is set to launch in Spring 2022, featuring everything from PS1 to PS5 games.

It's codenamed 'Spartacus' and "will allow PlayStation owners to pay a monthly fee for access to a catalog of modern and classic games". Bloomberg has seen documentation suggesting there could be three tiers' worth of content, with the first containing existing PlayStation Plus benefits, the second containing PS4 and (eventually) PS5 games, and the third containing extended demos, game streaming and a classic library of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

However, it's mentioned that the details on all of this may not be finalised yet.

Additionally, the service will reportedly merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, with plans to "retain the PlayStation Plus branding but phase out PlayStation Now". If you didn't know, the former works similarly to Xbox Live Gold, while the latter is essentially the closest thing PlayStation has to Game Pass for the time being.

It'll be interesting to see how this fares when it supposedly arrives in Spring 2022, and ultimately how it compares to Xbox's offering. The PlayStation team have got a busy job on their hands if this is indeed the real deal.

What do you think of this? Good thing or a bad thing? Let us know down below.