Big Gaming Deals Are In The 'Final Stages Of Negotiations', Says Geoff Keighley

The latest gaming company to get snapped up is Bungie, with Sony picking them up at a price of $3.6 billion. Well, there may be more deals coming in the short term, as companies compete for the strongest library of games.

The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley has taken to Twitter today to reveal that he's heard some major video game deals are "in the final stages of negotiations", which as you can imagine, has caused quite the stir on social media:

VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb also spoke about acquisitions in the latest GamesBeat Decides podcast. In short, Grubb says that because of general inflation, increasing developer value and the urge for companies to go out and buy other devs, we should expect more acquisitions to come.

His co-host, Mike Minotti, hinted that the pair have heard of another acquisition on the "bigger side", but didn't go any further into detail on that. Here's a timestamp of the acquisition chat:

Nothing is confirmed yet so take these reports / rumours as you will, but it makes sense that game companies will be looking to compete with Microsoft's recent moves. The purchases of both Bethesda and Activision Blizzard will shake up the entire industry, giving Microsoft a wealth of IP to use on Xbox. It makes sense that other publishers will want in on gaining valuable talent, and franchises, as well.

Who do you think is next to be acquired? Let us know below.

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