Halo Infinite energy sword

Halo Infinite made a big splash when it launched late last year. It shot to the top of the free games chart on Xbox in November, while hitting over 270,000 concurrent players on Steam alone. But, are those numbers dwindling?

A recent Windows Central report has looked into the data on current Halo Infinite numbers, and it reveals quite a drop off in player counts. The game is now out of the top five most played games on Xbox, sitting in sixth place. Steam numbers are down to roughly 10-20k concurrent players.

It's disappointing to see, for sure, but is it all that surprising? There have been quite a few issues cropping up since launch. One of those — Big Team Battle matchmaking — has only just been fixed more than two months after the game's release.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer

There's also the question of content, or a lack thereof. We've seen playlist updates and in-game events, but there's been no hint at new maps, weapons or vehicles since launch. That's not to mention campaign co-op and Forge mode, both of which still don't have a launch date.

In the modern, games-as-a-service era, content is king. For Halo Infinite to rise back to those lofty launch heights, it probably needs more meaningful content drops. We'd argue Halo Infinite's core gameplay is worth sticking with, especially this close to launch. But for many, it doesn't seem to be keeping them around.

What does Halo Infinite need for you to come back? Or are you still playing? Let us know below.

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