Generation Zero came to Xbox Game Pass late last year, with some major Series X|S benefits. Avalanche's open world mech survival game has changed quite a lot since its 2019 debut, as the developer iterated on a pretty barebones launch.

The latest iteration is the new 'Landfall' update, which is now available on Xbox and as part of Game Pass. The free Landfall update adds a third faction featuring two new machines types, new UI changes, a revamped South Forest region, and a bonus base building pack.

“Landfall” introduces the Soviets, a third faction hostile to both the Resistance (players) and the FNIX machines, opening the battlefield to new strategic possibilities as players can pit two enemy groups against one another.

If you're interested in paying for a little bit extra, Landfall arrives alongside a new premium add-on, costing $3.99. The 'Base Defense Pack' includes a grenade launcher pillbox, spiked wall and floor traps, an explosive barrel, a human decoy and a sandbag shooting position.

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