Xbox treated us to a nice little surprise earlier today in the form of Generation Zero being added to Game Pass, which joins two other titles in Evil Genius 2: World Domination and Mind Scanners making their debuts on the service.

If you didn't know, Generation Zero is a stealth-action hybrid in which you can play alone or with up to three friends as you hide, seek, scavenge and shoot your way through a world of peril and secrets. The game originally received pretty poor reviews at launch, but over time has turned those around into a 'Mostly Positive' rating on Steam.

Today's Game Pass addition also arrives alongside a massive Resistance Update for Generation Zero, which released back in May for PC but is only now coming to Xbox. The highlight features are base building and new craftables, alongside other improvements such as "extensive revamps to the city region".

Better yet, Generation Zero now supports cross-play between Xbox and PC, and it's even added a 60fps option for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players, allowing you to enjoy much smoother performance on the next-gen consoles.

"Sweden. 1989. When the residents of Östertörn wake to find robots on the rampage, winning becomes living. Alone or with up to three friends, sneak, scavenge and shoot your way to safety across a vast, varied landscape that is as intriguing as it is deadly."

Will you be checking out Generation Zero on Xbox Game Pass today? Let us know down in the comments.