Could Street Fighter 6 Be Officially Unveiled This Weekend?

Update: And there you have it! Street Fighter 6 has been officially unveiled, with a short teaser trailer dropping as the Capcom countdown clock reached zero at the end of the Official Street Fighter Pro Tour Stream. It's a short trailer, a pre-rendered sequence showing a seriously beefy Ryu getting ready for action against Luke, but it's enough to whet our appetites for now and more info on the game is due this Summer.

Yes, Street Fighter fans, it's time to get hype, perhaps over absolutely nothing, as a spinning bird kick-shaped surprise could be headed our way this very weekend, if the mysterious countdown on Capcom's official website is anything to go by.

The countdown clock, which you can check out here in all its monotone glory, certainly doesn't give anything away about what exactly it's ticking down towards - it's a simple black and white number devoid of any stylings or audio - but there's one little nugget of information that leads us, and plenty of Street Fighter fans on the intertubes, to believe a reveal of the legendary series' sixth instalment could be at hand.

You see *puffs on plastic detective pipe* the countdown clock over at Capcom is due to expire on Sunday the 20th of February, the exact same day as the finale of this year's Street Fighter ProTour tournament. Coincidence? We think not, as do many others.

Further to this, and as pointed out by IGN, the Capcom CAP-JAMS band, which has created music for recent Street Fighter projects, has tweeted out a link promoting the countdown on their official Twitter.

Of course, there's no way of verifying any of this right now, and we could be looking at a countdown to just about anything really - there are certainly plenty of Resident Evil theories also floating around - but we're living in hope, we're choosing to believe that we're about to be treated to a reveal of the next evolution in the Street Fighter franchise, a game that we already know for a fact is currently in development. Fingers crossed we're all in for a treat come Sunday at 10pm PT / 1am EST / 6am GMT!

Do you think we'll see a SF6 reveal this weekend or are we dragon-punching up the wrong tree? Let us know in the comments below.

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