Bethesda Shares More Gorgeous Starfield Concept Art Featuring Neon City

It feels like an age since Starfield was announced, and we're clinging onto anything Bethesda shows us on the game. Recently, these showings have been of concept art, giving us a glimpse of Starfield's vast and varied world.

The team's latest post shows the "pleasure city" Neon, where residents can enjoy the 'Aurora' drug, which strangely comes from a local fish. It looks quite the place, taking shape as a huge domed structure out in the middle of the ocean.

It's in stark contrast to some of the other artwork we've seen, and honestly, that makes us more excited for Starfield. Everything we've seen so far shows real visual variety to Bethesda's upcoming open world, something you haven't always been able to say about the studio's past efforts.

Of course, what's in the world counts the most and hopefully, Bethesda will do what it always does and creates a compelling world to explore. We'll find out ourselves when Starfield launches this November.

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