Bethesda Shares Starfield Concept Art Clip Showing 'New Atlantis'

Starfield is officially launching this year! We know, we can't quite believe it either. Bethesda's next RPG launch is fast approaching, and the team continues to share sneak peeks on social media.

The latest look showcases 'New Atlantis', the capital of the game's 'United Colonies'. It looks quite the fortress, standing tall behind lush greenery and some rather menacing looking rock formations.

The concept looks great and all, but yeah, we're really ready to see this one in action. Luckily enough, we shouldn't be too far off some proper gameplay. In a holiday message last year, Bethesda Games Studios legend Todd Howard said the team "can't wait to show it [Starfield] to you next year."

Do you think Starfield will live up to the hype? Let us know below.