Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllers Owners Have Discovered A Hidden RGB Feature
Image: Pyrored14 on Reddit

Over the weekend, some Xbox Elite Series 2 controller owners were left in awe over a feature that has seemingly flown under the radar, as it was highlighted that an RGB function resides behind the Xbox Guide button.

As mentioned by a few users on Reddit, the colours of the light behind the Xbox logo can be changed through Steam on PC. There's a ton of options allowing users to customise their controller in a neat way. It only seems to apply to the Series 2 version of the Elite controller and doesn't work with consoles, but still, it's a cool feature.

Thankfully, one user has provided a walkthrough on how to do this yourself. The downside is that it appears the setting doesn't save, so if the controller dies or you switch it off, you'll have to repeat the process.

To set it up, go to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings. Activate Xbox Configuration Support and Xbox Extended Feature Support, select your controller from "Detected Controllers" and click on Preferences.

This was the first we'd heard of this feature, along with half of Reddit by the looks of it. It's a shame it doesn't work on consoles, but maybe it's something that could be implemented in the future. We'll see how popular it proves!

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