Xbox Reportedly Sold 95,598 Series X|S Consoles In Japan Last Year

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo sales figures from Japan in 2021 have been rolling in over the past 24 hours, with reporting (via Famitsu) that 95,598 Series X|S consoles were sold in the country last year.

Unfortunately, that's miles behind the 5.3 million Nintendo Switch units sold, and ten times behind the PlayStation 5 at 942,798 units. In fact, even the PlayStation 4 beat Xbox with 103,786 sales over the course of 12 months.

However, while this might look disappointing on paper, it's worth noting that Xbox One had a lifetime sales figure of around 115,000 in Japan — and if you take 2020 into account too, the Series X and S appear to have already beaten it.

Right now, just over a year after launch, it seems the Series X and Series S are sitting at around 125,000 units sold in the region. In comparison, the Xbox One was believed to have taken 4.5 years to even reach the 100,000 mark.

It was highlighted back in October that Xbox Series X and S had just passed that 100,000 sales milestone, so it seems around 25,000 more units were sold during the last couple months of the year. It's certainly disappointing to see even the PS4 outselling the two consoles in 2021, but progress is definitely being made... albeit very slow progress.

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