You might have missed it back in December — Microsoft announced as part of The Game Awards 2021 that it was rebranding Xbox Game Pass for PC, changing the name to just "PC Game Pass" from now on.

In a recent interview with ROG Global (as highlighted by GameSpot), Xbox Game Pass Group Program Manager Jason Beaumont explained that the old name was causing confusion for some, and it made sense to change it:

"It's the same catalog of games. It's always a sign when everybody internally calls something one name, but then externally, you're calling it a different name [laughs]. So internally, we were always like, 'PC Game Pass,' then finally someone was like, 'Why don't we just call it that?'."

"We were hearing a lot from gamers that they were like, 'Listen, people don't understand that Game Pass has PC games'... "We had this user confusion so it was like, just change the name. Make it straightforward. So PC Game Pass it is."

Of course, PC Game Pass still functions the same way as it did before, so this is just a simple name change.

In fact, the PC version of the service has some amazing games on the way in January 2022 alone, including Mass Effect Legendary Edition (available today), Rainbow Six Extraction and Siege on January 20th, and a whole lot more.

Do you prefer the new name or the old one? Any suggestions to make it better? Let us know below.

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