Xbox Activision Blizzard
Image: Xbox

Earlier this week, Microsoft broke the internet when it announced it would be acquiring Activision Blizzard for close to $70 billion.

While there's a lot of conversation surrounding this future acquisition and how it will pan out, don't expect to learn too much about it right away. According to Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Microsoft's gaming division can't really say much until the deal is done.

Here's what he said during this week's Xbox podcast:

"Now I'm sure you're tuning in to this and the comments are gonna [be] we want to know X, Y and Z...the reality is, this is gonna take a while. And there's a lot of work that needs to be done before its finalised, and that's all we can really say right now, as you can imagine there's lawyers, there's regulators and there's a lot of work to be done before this is done...then we can talk more."

"We have to wait until the ink is dry - it's like when you point at a house and go 'oh, we want to buy that house and we don't own it yet' and we want to move in, we can't move in yet - we're not there yet...Once that happens and the deal is closed I'm sure we will have plenty to talk about...looking forward to everyone at Activision and Blizzard joining the Xbox team."

Phil Spencer has already shared some information via a news release and social media - revealing Microsoft will honor Activision Blizzard's existing agreements with PlayStation. He has also mentioned how Xbox has a "desire" to keep Call of Duty on Sony's platform.

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