Life Is Strange Remastered
Image: Square Enix

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is out February 1st, and Square Enix has finally treated us to a good chunk of gameplay from the first title in the series. The six minutes of footage show a segment from early in the Life is Strange campaign, during Episode 1: Chrysalis.

The collection will also include the first game's prequel, Before the Storm, although that isn't the focus of this footage. We'd expect it to look pretty similar though, given the developer's remastering efforts will carry across both games.

Alongside the footage, Square Enix has detailed some of the core changes coming with this remaster. The games have been rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4 with 4K in mind, and that extends to the character models too.

Facial animations and expressions have been updated as well, with a huge focus on lip-syncing to make cutscenes and conversations look and feel more natural. Environment models have also been improved as the game targets 4K resolutions.

Does this collection look like a major improvement over the originals to you? Let us know below.