Unseen Star Wars: 1313 Footage Features Boba Fett, City Exploration

When it was announced, Star Wars: 1313 had an incredible amount of hype behind it. Dubbed 'Uncharted in the Star Wars universe', 1313 looked a hell of a lot of fun, from preview footage anyway.

Sadly, the game was canned many years ago. While we've had some similar Star Wars stuff since, namely Jedi: Fallen Order, a level of fan interest in 1313 has always remained. Well, here's a bit more footage of the game, featuring Boba Fett as a playable character.

Parts of the clip show rough, early-in-development footage, but the game still looks pretty polished, especially where things are properly modelled and textured. Some of the early animation work is also shown off towards the end, giving us a glimpse at what was being worked on.

We've always been a little disappointed that this one never saw the light of day, although Jedi: Fallen Order did help ease that pain. There's good news on that front too, as developer Respawn is working on a Fallen Order sequel with EA, who've also got multiple other Star Wars projects on the go.

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