Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel Could Release As Soon As Holiday 2022, Says Report

There have been a few rumblings over the past few days that the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order might be gearing up for a reveal in the near future, and it's been suggested that it could release as soon as late 2022.

In a lengthy report from Bespin Bulletin, it was mentioned that this release window is "not locked in and things could easily change," but it seems that EA and Respawn are still hoping to launch the game before the end of the year. However, another source told the outlet that "releasing the title this year [is] possible, but the chances aren’t great."

As for a reveal date, it's expected that we could be officially hearing about the game at Star Wars Celebration in late May, although "an announcement for May the 4th wouldn’t be out of the question, with a full trailer debut at Celebration."

Details are still under wraps about what to expect from the game, but Bespin Bulletin says that it won't be called Fallen Order 2 ("it will be Star Wars Jedi: followed by a new subtitle"), featuring "returning characters from its predecessor, some with larger roles, along with exciting existing Star Wars characters that weren’t featured in the first instalment."

Meanwhile, the much-delayed LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is reportedly on track for an April or May 2022 release, but again this is said to be "not set in stone" and we could potentially be looking at yet another pushback.

Do you think we'll see the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel in 2022? Give us your thoughts below.