Undead Labs Has Several Content Updates Planned For State Of Decay 2 This Year
Image: Xbox

One Xbox series that perhaps deserves a little more love is State of Decay. If you are a fan of Undead Labs' team-based zombie survival game and have been wondering how everything has been going, here's an update.

Although the third game is on the way, it seems there'll still be some focus on the second entry in 2022. In fact, the game isn't even done evolving, according to the team during a recent State of Decay livestream (thanks, Windows Central).

In 2022, the developer apparently has plans for several content updates, which will integrate various game mechanics and build upon previous updates to provide an even better gameplay experience. Community feedback will also continue to shape the future of the game.

One of the planned updates is a rework of infestations - areas overrun by zombies. Undead Labs wants to make infestations more dangerous, would like to make instructions and UI clearer to the player, and also has plans for various other changes and tweaks.

It's interesting to hear how much focus Undead Labs will give State of Decay 2 this year, which also might mean the third game is still a while away. In recent times, the developer has been on a recruitment drive for the newest entry. It may be running on the UE5 engine, but beyond this, we don't know much else.

Have you tried out State of Decay 2 on Xbox Series X|S yet? Looking forward to the third game? Tell us below.

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