Techland Reveals Post-Launch Roadmap For Dying Light 2

Techland has revealed the post-launch roadmap for its upcoming open world zombiefest, Dying Light 2, which finally arrives on Xbox next week.

The game's predecessor was well known for its strong content support in the years after it first released, with the excellent The Following update doing so much to add meaningful new gameplay experiences to the already super solid base of the original Dying Light, and it seems this sequel is in for a similar level of support.

As shared on the game's official Twitter account, the roadmap details some small-scale DLC drops in the early weeks - events, challenges and the like - before the first of two promised story DLCs arrives in June.

Besides this, there's the usual non-stop flow of new skins, weapons, mini-stories and bits and bobs to keep eager fans busy for the 500 or so hours(!) that they're gonna be playing. As far as we know at this stage, the main story DLCs will be paid content, as they're included for an extra fee in special editions of the game, but we've no word on exactly what the other stuff here could cost or whether it's all likely to be free drops. We will, of course, keep you in the loop as soon as further info becomes available!


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