Dying Light 2
Image: Techland

Well, here's some news achievement hunters on Xbox might not appreciate - Dying Light 2 will apparently take 500 hours to "fully complete".

Techland shared this information over on social media - comparing it to how long it would take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid. It had many fans worried they wouldn't be able to commit that much time, which resulted in the developer clarifying how the main story and side questing wouldn't actually take that long.

"Note: It's about 100% completion rate, most of the players who are in for story and side quests will be able to complete the game quicker, it will still be a solid experience though!"

"UPDATE: 500 hours is related to maxing out the game - finishing all the quests, endings, and exploring every part of the world, but a regular player should finish the story + side quests and do quite a lot of exploring in less than 100 hours, so don't worry!"

While this clarification was a relief to many, completionists still have quite the journey ahead of them. Good luck!

How do you feel about a game developer promoting this many hours as a selling point? Do you enjoy longer games like this? Leave your thoughts down below.

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