Talking Point: What Have You Bought In The Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale?

We're always eager to check out the weekly Xbox deals every Tuesday here at Pure Xbox HQ, but this past week has been particularly great, as Xbox has been hosting a special backwards compatible sale on the Microsoft Store.

The sale includes offers on over 100 original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, including many beloved franchises such as Max Payne, TimeSplitters, Red Dead Redemption, Fable, Saints Row, Gears of War and much, much more.

As with most sales on Xbox, the backwards compatible sale is expected to end this Tuesday (January 25th), so you've realistically only got less than 24 hours to add any titles to your digital library before they return to full price.

With that said, we're eager to know what you've been picking up in the sale. Bagged a few classics from the original Xbox era? How about some of the best games from the Xbox 360? Let us know down in the comments below.