Star Wars Battlefront 3 Definitely Isn't Happening, Says Report

If you've been holding onto hope that EA might be interested in making a third Star Wars Battlefront with developer DICE, we've got bad news — according to a report from VentureBeat, that definitely won't be happening.

The report says that, following today's announcement about three new Star Wars games from developer Respawn, EA won't be making any other Star Wars titles after those are finished, so any Battlefront plans have been totally nixed:

"Battlefield developer DICE will not make a new Star Wars: Battlefront game — according to people familiar with the announcement..."

This isn't overly surprising news, of course, especially considering it was reported back in November that EA had "shot down" a pitch for Star Wars Battlefront 3, reportedly due to reasons surrounding licensing costs.

Nevertheless, it's a huge shame considering DICE did some incredible work to turn around the horrific launch of Battlefront 2 and turn it into one of the very best Star Wars games in recent memory. Star Wars always seems to work in trilogies, but for whatever reason, the Battlefront series has never managed to quite get there...

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